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Victoria Beckham: up for the challenge

Coats and knits turn celebrity nights into everyday wear

15 Февраля 2016

Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

The first thing I asked Victoria Beckham — whether the orange/brown colours and rough-surface textures had been influenced by Africa — seemed to stop the designer in her tracks.

“Africa!” She said. “I never thought of that. But I do go there quite often for my UN charity work.”

For the first time in Victoria's slow transition from show biz to sew biz, I felt the sense of an instinctive designer spirit at work.


Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

And those colours that appeared in blocks on the runway carpet, as well as for easy, tweedy coats and dresses that ballooned gently from the hips, were not the only innovations. There was layering of fabrics, smart cutting that gave windows on to the body and corsets made soft with woolly shaping.

“I love the corset dresses — that's where I started my career with the 10 perfect dresses. Now I am taking away the boning, taking the signature silhouette — ushing it and evolving it,” said Victoria. “And for me, the best way of doing that is through knitwear.”

Notably, instead of the curvy cocktail dress and elevated shoes she wore until recently to take her bow, her personal season's look was oversize sweater, trousers and sneakers.


Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

Victoria Beckham, fall 2016 ready-to-wear

As with all her family-supported fashion events, the Beckham family, including David and all four children showed up. I was interested in the tailored coats, which might be second cousins of Céline, but had a distinctive cut and shape with what the designer called a “heritage, herringbone” look.

Mother-of-pearl buttons gave a sheen of glamour. Victoria also picked out the bubble-shaped skirts fanning out below the hips. I missed a capsule of evening clothes that used to be a focus of her collections. But the choice is hers. The Beckham business is so solid because Victoria not only thinks of herself, she pushes forward her personal aesthetic. Shoes pointed-toed and flat as a signature look. Really? Only the brave make it in the fashion world.

Take away the celebrity and family fame, and Victoria is up for the challenge.

Victoria Beckham


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